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[VID]Introducing the CQG Tutorial Videos.mp42021-03-03 11:25 4.2M 
[VID]Market Profile.mp42021-03-03 11:27 10M 
[VID]Overview of CQG Basic Studies.mp42021-03-03 11:26 46M 
[VID]Overview of CQG Charts, Part 1.mp42021-03-03 11:26 26M 
[VID]Overview of CQG Charts, Part 2.mp42021-03-03 11:26 44M 
[VID]Overview of CQG Charts, Part 3.mp42021-03-03 11:26 45M 
[VID]Overview of CQG Pointer Tools.mp42021-03-03 11:26 30M 
[VID]Overview of CQG TFlow┬« Charting, Part 1.mp42021-03-03 11:26 35M 
[VID]Overview of CQG TFlow┬« Charting, Part 2.mp42021-03-03 11:27 35M